Buchbesprechung: Nicolas Passadelis/David Rosenthal/Hanspeter Thür (Hrsg.), Datenschutzrecht, Basel 2015
[Book review: Nicolas Passadelis/David Rosenthal/Hanspeter Thür (ed.), Data protection law, Basel 2015]

by Monique Sturny
in: sic! Zeitschrift für Immaterialgüter-, Informations- und Wettbewerbsrecht 1/2016, pp. 39 f., 1 January 2016

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The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review – Chapter 24: Switzerland

by Jürg Schneider [co-author] and Monique Sturny [co-author]
in: Raul (Editor[s]), "International Law Review"
2nd Edition, 2015, pp. 315–396

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Im Kreuzfeuer der Beacons – Kundenanalyse und Kundensteuerung am Verkaufspunkt (und darüber hinaus...)
[In the crossfire of beacons – customer analysis and customer targeting at the point of sales [and beyond...]]

Speaker Michael Isler
IT Meets Law
Zurich, 13 June 2015

Particular Aspects of Online Marketing, Social Media and Consumer Apps in Life Sciences

Speakers Michael Isler and Stefan Maassen
AIJA Seminar Life Science 2.0 – Risks and side-effects of new trends
Basel, 13 March 2015

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Meine Daten machen meinen Preis
[My Data Are Making My Price]

by Michael Isler
in: digma Zeitschrift für Datenrecht und Informationssicherheit 2015.1 15. Jahrgang, Heft 1, pp. 18–23, 1 March 2015

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«Forgetting or remembering» Wohin steuert die Schweizer Kommunikationsbranche nach Google – Spain (EuGH-Rs. C-131/12)?
[«Forgetting or remembering» Where does the Swiss Communication Sector head after Google – Spain [EuGH-Rs. C-131/12]?]

Speaker Dirk Spacek
Zurich, 20 January 2015