Data protection and Principle of Transparency in Administration

Speaker: Monique Sturny
digma-Tagung zum Datenschutz 2017, Datenschutz in der täglichen Praxis von Städten und Gemeinden
Zurich 27 June 2017

GDPR from the perspective of non-EU countries: the example of Switzerland

Speaker: Monique Sturny
International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) Workshop on Data Protection in International Passenger Traffic
Berne 21 June 2017

Requirements and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the revised Federal Act on Data Protection

Speakers: Jürg Schneider and David Vasella
Walder Wyss Data Protection Roundtable, Walder Wyss Zurich and Berne
Zurich 28 March 2017, 6 April 2017
Berne 30 March 2017

Interplay of data protection and competition law – New challenges in digital markets

Speaker: Monique Sturny
10. Tagung zum Datenschutz, Europainstitut der Universität Zürich
Zurich 8 February 2017

The Preliminary Draft of the Revised Swiss Data Protection Act – Selected Points

Speaker: David Vasella
10. Tagung zum Datenschutz, Europainstitut an der Universität Zürich
8 February 2017